Now Hiring ad on a mobile billboard truck in Lehigh Valley PA
Employee recruiting mobile billboard ad in Emmaus PA
Now Hiring mobile billboard ad in Allentown PA
Billboard truck featuring a Now Hiring ad in Allentown PA

Empire Company – Now Hiring – Allentown PA

Competing for qualified employees in the Lehigh Valley’s high demand industrial and distribution sectors, the Empire Company utilized a mobile billboard truck to circulate throughout specific neighborhoods and zip codes in Allentown PA, as well as nearby Bethlehem, Fogelsville, and Emmaus, during its September 2020 employee recruiting ad campaign.

The truck’s billboards featured bold graphics and a clear NOW HIRING message highlighting the types of skilled employees Empire was seeking.  By including its logo, name, and local address, the ad copy enhanced the firm’s brand awareness and allowed prospective applicants the check-out the firm in advance – whether online or via word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors.

In addition to covering specific geographic locations, the mobile billboard’s hourly schedule was varied each day to optimize the ad’s exposure to passerby as they came off shift each afternoon at other employers where Empire’s talent acquisition staff had determined there were employees with its desired skill-set and qualifications.  Day-parting also allowed the billboard truck to operate weekday evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays in areas where people were shopping and dining along the region’s busy retail corridors.

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