Driving your message home.

We partner with you on all aspects of your mobile campaign.

Companies and organizations using mobile billboards

Guerrilla Billboards has tons of experience with different types of industries that work particularly well in mobile advertising. We’ll work with you to determine your ideal demographic, and then deliver your message to them in a targeted way that traditional billboards just can’t accomplish.

Banks & Credit Unions

Mobile outdoor advertising is an effective way for banks and credit unions to promote a new branch grand opening, market products and services to current and new customers looking for mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans, trust and investment management services, or to open a new checking account.  Billboard trucks are also great platforms to highlight a re-branding campaign following a merger or acquisition.

Conventions & Trade Shows

Mobile advertising can reach foot traffic around conventions and trade shows, and around area hotels where attendees stay, where other advertising opportunities may be expensive or simply unavailable.

Now Hiring out-of-home ad in Portsmouth NH

Employee Recruiting

Today more than ever, talent acquisition professionals, employee recruiters, and business owners compete to attract the best employees.

Finding and retaining talented people is a continual challenge for businesses of every size.  Our mobile billboard trucks can help you let people know that your business is now hiring.

Entertainment Events

Parades, museums, casinos and state lotteries, auto races, and trampoline parks are a few of the entertainment events we have promoted.  Anytime you gather a lot of people together in a concentrated area, you’ll find a great opportunity to get your message out with our mobile billboard trucks.

LED Digital Mobile billboard ad in Poughkeepsie NY for NYSNA

Health Care

Mobile advertising is a great way to promote new health insurance products, or your company’s entry into a new geographical area. Hospitals can use them to recruit nurses and doctors, or advertise new facilities or procedures.

Labor Unions

Whether you are fighting for employee benefits or protesting management disputes, working conditions, employee wages, or contract controversy, your mobile ad can increase awareness and public support.

Public Awareness

If people haven’t heard about your campaign or advocacy issue, you’ve lost before you even started. That’s where mobile billboard advertising can help.


Local restaurants and restaurant chains take advantage of billboard trucks to promote the opening of new locations and for general awareness and branding campaigns.


Mobile billboard advertising is ideal for promoting new or existing retail locations to your target customers.  A billboard truck can provide hyper local ad coverage and penetration in surrounding communities and neighborhoods.