Mobile billboard truck at 5 Corners Shopping Plaza in Haverhill MA

Mobile billboard advertising for Portsmouth, NH

First Secoast Bank billboard truck ad in downtown Portsmouth NH

Portsmouth NH marketers and advertisers rely on Guerrilla Mobile Billboards to amplify brand and message awareness with consumers throughout the city, in nearby communities such as Kittery Maine, and along Hampton Beach.

Whether cruising downtown Portsmouth streets, out along the busy Woodbury Avenue and Gosling Road retail corridors in Newington, or nearby Durham and the University of New Hampshire, a mobile billboard truck provides flexible yet focused coverage reaching an advertiser’s target audience throughout the day.

In addition, every four years as the presidential primaries ramp-up, the New Hampshire media market experiences a huge influx of advertising, as candidates and their supporters promote their Get Out The Vote messages.

Billboard trucks are great for promoting retail store and restaurant grand openings, seasonal and close-out sales, banks and credit unions, product launch announcements, employment opportunities, trade shows, concerts, museums, plus events such as the annual Laconia Motorcycle Week.

Labor unions also frequently employ mobile billboards to amplify public awareness about issues involving contract negotiations and safety concerns such as safe staffing levels in health care facilities.

Mobile billboards are highly suited for promoting talent acquisition, employee recruiting and hiring events, notably at large warehouse distribution and fulfillment centers, as well as for supermarkets and other big box retailers which need to staff-up new locations.  A frequent strategy is to route the billboard truck so that it drives past competitors’ facilities during shift changes.

Guerrilla Billboards’ sign trucks feature only one advertising client at a time.  We encourage our clients to develop local routes in Portsmouth, along Hampton Beach, and in southern Maine, which optimize and amplify customer awareness of their products and services.  As a dedicated mobile advertising truck, advertisers take advantage of its flexibility to day-part and schedule the truck to run in morning and afternoon commuter traffic, while spending the mid-day hours focused on areas that draw lunch crowds.   Weekends can be spent cruising busy retail and auto dealership corridors.  These routes are supported by multiple proof of performance photographs taken by the driver each day, as well as GPS tracking reports showing where the billboard truck traveled and when.

Mobile billboard trucks compliment other out-of-home advertising.  The trucks’ ads can provide coverage where transit options such municipal bus routes and street furniture do not exist.

Billboard trucks are also frequently paired-up with experiential marketing campaigns involving street teams, brand ambassadors, and social media components.  Our billboard trucks have provided logistical support for street teams, storing extra swag to be handed out during the campaign’s daily stops, or simply a cooler full of iced water in the middle of July.

Mobile ad campaigns can run a short as one day for events like parades, but typically range in length from a one week to month long flights.

With people eager to get back out and about following the isolation of Covid-19 lock-downs and social distancing, outdoor advertising is a tremendous way to create and amplify awareness for products, services, and social causes.

As we say about our large, eye-catching, billboard trucks, they Made You Look!

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