Mobile Billboard at Woodbury CT farmer's market
Best Small Bank Mobile Ad in Danbury CT
Mobile Billboard advertising truck in Danbury CT
Mobile billboard truck in Woodbury CT
Mobile billboard stopped along Boston Avenue in Bridgeport CT.
Mobile billboard truck in Shelton CT

Newtown Savings Bank Promotes Award Winning Service

Newtown Savings Bank has a branch network which serves a wide area across southwestern Connecticut.

However, options for traditional out-of-home advertising, such as billboards and transit, are limited to non-existent around many of its branch locations.

To amplify community awareness about its banking services, Newtown Savings turned to a mobile billboard truck from Guerrilla Billboards to highlight its award-winning service.

The billboard truck’s daily routes included stops at branches to engage branch staff, as well as local events such as farmer’s markets and cruise nights.  Coverage also included busy retail areas and commuter travel corridors.

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