Mobile billboard for NYSUT 2019 Annual Convention Albany NY
2018 NYSUT mobile billboard serving as a TV news interview backdrop in Albany NY
NYSUT billbord truck serving as a photo backdrop at Albany NY convention
NYSUT 2018 Senator Flanagan billbord truck in Albany NY
NYSUT billboard truck parked in Albany NY
2018 NYSUT convention mobile billboard stopped in front of the NY State Capitol in Albany NY
NYSUT Mobile billboard in Albany NY

New York State United Teachers

To help amplify some of the key session messages at the organization’s 2018 and 2019 annual conventions in Albany, the New York State United Teachers ulitized a mobile billboard truck to circulate along the streets around theĀ  NY State Capitol Complex, the adjacent Albany Capital Center, and nearby downtown Albany streets.

In 2018 the billboard truck also served a a backdrop for several local TV news interviews of NYSUT leaders, while parked along busy Washington Street and East Capitol Park; and in 2019 it became a frequent photo-op when convention attenees woould pose for selfies as they stepped outside during breaks between the daily convention sessions held in the Albany Capital Center.

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