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Mobile billboard truck in Washington DC promoting post Covid-19 re-openings.

Open Again Advertising

May 18, 2020

A mobile billboard ad from Guerrilla Billboards is a highly effective medium with which to quickly launch an awareness campaign. It provides the option of tactical, hyper-local messaging in one or more communities and trade areas.  Using the geographic and day-parting flexibility of a billboard truck as it drives through various sectors of a local or regional market area, a merchant’s ad will be seen by many past, current, and very likely new, customers.

As U.S. businesses start to reopen after months of widespread Covid-19 induced shutdowns, and with many people back out driving on local roads as they travel from their homes to run essential errands, head to their offices and factories, or simply trying to ward-off cabin fever now that spring has arrived, many retailers and restaurants are reaching out to their customers with local outdoor advertising campaign messages created to promote and amplify public awareness that they are now, or soon will be, OPEN AGAIN.