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Local Community Bank’s Mobile Billboard Ads

Monday, February 17th, 2014


MutualOne Bank Local Businesses Massachusetts Mobile Billboard Ad


With its branch footprint located in Boston’s adjacent MetroWest suburbs of Framingham and Natick, MutualOne Bank and its ad agency determined that a combination of several out-of-home media, including mobile billboard trucks and transit, would be an efficient and effective strategy to reach its local market’s target audiences.

Simultaneously featuring two different ads on the billboard truck, one highlighting its free retail checking product and the other its support for local businesses, both ads were also displayed in other out-of-home formats, including at nearby commuter rail stations, thereby extending each ad’s reach.  During the course of the multi-month ad campaign, the bank’s advertising agency instructed Guerrilla Mobile Billboards to have the ad truck regularly visit various community events including farmer’s markets, craft fairs, and high school football games.  When not needed at special events, the mobile ad truck was deployed to operate along local travel routes during the morning and evening commutes, with a mid-day focus on the key retail and restaurant corridors of Routes 9 & 30.

MutualOne Bank Free Checking Massachusetts Mobile Ad

Tax Season For Mobile Billboards

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

H&R Block Buffalo Mobile Billboard With Street Team

With a relatively short window to get its message out, H&R Block recently utilized the flexibility of mobile billboard trucks from Guerrilla Billboards to support its regional and local marketing staff in the Northeast.  Featuring the call to action “We Find Money Others Miss”, the billboard trucks reminded onlookers that Tax Day, April 15th, would be here soon.

With multiple Guerrilla Billboards’ units supporting H&R Block’s Street Teams and Brand Ambassadors, the ad trucks visited numerous New England, New York, and Pennsylvania communities, ranging from Portland Maine and Boston, out through Albany, Syracuse and Rochester, to Buffalo and Pittsburgh.  With the ads’ bright, bold graphics, the billboards’ messages were clearly visible despite the sometimes inclement winter weather in Upstate New York.


Help Wanted – Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising

Thursday, October 8th, 2009
Partners Home Care mobile billboard truck visiting Quincy Medical Center

Partners Home Care mobile billboard truck visiting Quincy Medical Center

A bright spot amid the disappointment over the thousands of jobs that have been lost in Massachusetts, Partners Home Care needs more Rehab Therapists.  To effectively reach its target audience, the organization has included a mobile billboard truck from Guerrilla Billboards in its media mix.

While supporting messages from Partners’ radio and print ads, the truck was also tasked with visiting the neighborhoods around numerous competitors’ hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities in the greater Boston area, in order to closely target its coveted professionals, highly skilled Rehab Therapists.

Can You See My Ad?

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

The case of the disappearing billboard ad.

I recently spotted this local billboard, in at best a 3rd rate location, nearly obscured by brush: 

Can you see my ad now?

After looping back and determining the identity of the advertiser, I remembered that we had recently attempted to pitch the firm, a local car dealer, with the attached mock-up (see photo #3) of a prospective ad showing one of our mobile billboard trucks in downtown Boston.  We suggested that this was one of the many high visibility spots around Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire that our mobile billboard trucks could visit on his behalf.  Unfortunately, the dealer’s representative felt otherwise.  

In the current economic climate, I would certainly want my media buyer finding the highest visibility billboard spots possible.  Mobile billboards can absolutely achieve that critical requirement.