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Local Community Bank’s Mobile Billboard Ads

Monday, February 17th, 2014


MutualOne Bank Local Businesses Massachusetts Mobile Billboard Ad


With its branch footprint located in Boston’s adjacent MetroWest suburbs of Framingham and Natick, MutualOne Bank and its ad agency determined that a combination of several out-of-home media, including mobile billboard trucks and transit, would be an efficient and effective strategy to reach its local market’s target audiences.

Simultaneously featuring two different ads on the billboard truck, one highlighting its free retail checking product and the other its support for local businesses, both ads were also displayed in other out-of-home formats, including at nearby commuter rail stations, thereby extending each ad’s reach.  During the course of the multi-month ad campaign, the bank’s advertising agency instructed Guerrilla Mobile Billboards to have the ad truck regularly visit various community events including farmer’s markets, craft fairs, and high school football games.  When not needed at special events, the mobile ad truck was deployed to operate along local travel routes during the morning and evening commutes, with a mid-day focus on the key retail and restaurant corridors of Routes 9 & 30.

MutualOne Bank Free Checking Massachusetts Mobile Ad

Billboard Truck Promotes Playoff Time in Boston

Sunday, September 30th, 2012


Billboard Truck Promotes Playoff Time in Boston

While Boston’s favorite baseball team did not make the playoffs this season, Guerrilla Mobile Billboards was busy in August and September promoting the NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup Playoffs for client New Hampshire Motor Speedway, in advance of the track’s very popular September 23rd race.

Touring the greater Boston area and visiting crowds outside Fenway Park and Gillette Stadium before major sports and music events, as well as Cape Cod and busy Hampton Beach along the New Hampshire seacoast, the mobile billboard truck reminded onlookers that there were still tickets available for what was expected to be a very exciting race.



Guerrilla Marketing in Boston

Friday, April 2nd, 2010
Mobile billboard near the Finish Line of the 2008 Boston Marathon course.

Mobile billboard near the Finish Line of the 2008 Boston Marathon course.

A great article in today’s Boston Globe highlighting efforts by New Balance to promote its products to the many runners expected in the Boston area over the next few weeks:

New Balance – Picking up its pace

Call it Guerrilla Marketing, Ambush Advertising, it sounds like the New Balance marketing team will be doing a great job of welcoming runners and spectators to Boston, while highlighting its brand among runners, and those of us who wish we could.